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  • Of Flowers, Roots & Humans

    Let us take flowers as flowersand begin where love begins.Let us take leaves and leavesand begin where love begins.Let us take roots as rootsand have a trace of love’ shootand allow ourselves a chance to liveLet us take the sky as the skyand we won’t fight for the air we breath.Let us take the earth,…

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    OKOT PA’ BITEK RETURNS TO THEATRE.In a musical theatrical production called Echoes of Lawino.Okot Pa’ Bitek is name that rings a bell, not just in Uganda, East Africa or Africa but also on the literary globe. His contribution to the African literature is unquestionably one of the most awe-inspiring especially in oral story-telling and traditional…

  • This Bridge called Rainbow 🌈 😍.

    This bridge called Rainbow… If seven be the colors,then seven is the color of your love.If seven be the number of daysthen my love for you is in seven ways.I love you in RedEven when red is assumed for danger.then I am happily dangerously in love with theeI am deconstructing the layersLaying patterns that storage…

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  • Sit by my side.

    SIT BY MY SIDESit by my sideAnd I’ll tell you why warmth carries with it heat.And I will assure you of the heat you and I create.I’ll tell you of how we break the aesthetic distanceJust by being too near each other.I’ll tell you about the other day,when your palm sat in mine. and wine…

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